Adjunct Professor, Drama; Professor Emeritus of English


phone: CDA #238

Kimball King is Adjunct Professor of Drama and Professor Emeritus of English at UNC. He has taught courses in dramatic literature, has published nearly 100 articles on the subject, and authored or edited nine books on dramatic literature, including: Captive Audience (2003); Hollywood on Stage(1997); Modern Dramatists (2001); Peering Behind the Curtain (2002); Sam Shepard: A Casebook (1988); Woody Allen: A Casebook (2001); and Western Drama through the Ages: A Student Reference Guide in Two Volumes (2007). Finally, he has authored three annotated bibliographies: 20 Modern British Playwrights (1977); 10 Modern Irish Playwrights (1979); and 10 Modern American Playwrights (1982). King has delivered talks at 40 scholarly meetings, mostly at SAMLA and the MLA. He was also keynote speaker at thePinter at 70 conference in London.For twenty years he took over 1000 students to study theatre in London and has won a Tanner Award and two other teaching awards. Presently,he teaches at least one online course per semester and in Summer School. King serves on the Playmakers Advisory Board, of which he is currently vice-chair.