First Year: Foundations

Acting (Drama 720): Action and objective, personalization and creative use of self, affective memory, moment-to-moment awareness, given circumstances, “targets”; beginning acting for the camera.

Voice/Speech/Text (Drama 722):  Active/cyclical breathing; alignment; expansive intention; warm-up; pitch and stress work; 360 degree resonance; vocal care and stamina; emotional susceptibility; improving speech detail; introduction to International Phonetic Alphabet; Detailed American pronunciation in varying contemporary and classical styles; text/rhetorical analysis.

Movement (Drama 724): Balance, physical/psychological extension, flexibility, stress/adaptive strategies, sensory acuity.  Empty handed combat; circus skills.

Rehearsal and Performance (Drama 726): Appropriate roles with PlayMakers Repertory Company, studio productions, and rehearsal projects.

Second Year: Variations

Acting (Drama 721): Application of acting process to a variety of classical and formal texts including Shakespeare; continuing use of camera.

Voice/Speech/Dialects (Drama 723): Application of advanced vocal technique to scene study, classical texts, and demanding performance spaces; develop an approach to character voice and character perspective; explore dialect and accent study that applies advanced use of International Phonetic Alphabet.

Movement (Drama 725): Fall semester: Suzuki and Viewpoints.  Spring semester: masking (neutral/character) increasing physical and imaginative range, understanding how movement creates meaning.

Rehearsal and Performance (Drama 727): Continuing work at PlayMakers Repertory Company, studio productions, and rehearsal projects.

Third Year: Synthesis

Acting (Drama 728A): Self-scripting; the business of acting; showcase preparation and presentation in New York City; continuing use of camera; appropriate roles with PlayMakers Repertory Company; projects.

Movement (Drama 728M): Fall Semester: Viewpoints and Composition.  Spring semester: T’ai Chi Ch’uan for the actor.

Voice/Speech (Drama 728V): Camera integration including commercial & scene technique, auditions, and original film projects. Refining and integrating performance skills on and off stage; basic microphone and voiceover technique.

Guest Workshops

Course of Study is supplemented by workshops and special classes taught by distinguished guests. Past workshops include:

And creative artists such as: