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About the Undergraduate Program

The mission of the Department of Dramatic Art is to educate students to think critically and write cogently about the creative and artistic processes of theatre, its literature, and its history. Students should be able to recognize and comprehend the impact of culture, society, and language on drama. They learn how the individual artist develops and furthers a theatrical vision. In addition, students are taught practical problem-solving skills, which then are utilized in dramatic productions where they experience, and are challenged by, the group process necessary for the creative idea to evolve into the creative event.

This mission is fulfilled through the rigor of the core curriculum and the quality of our students’ creative and artistic activity within and beyond the classroom.

Auditions are not required but visits are encouraged. Please call us at (919) 962-1132 to make arrangements. For more information on how to apply to UNC-Chapel Hill, please visit the UNC admissions page.

Drama Major: The Department of Dramatic Art is dedicated to giving its majors an understanding and appreciation of theater on many levels. Students in the major study the history of theater and take classes in performance and production. Students are given the opportunity to participate in every aspect of extra-curricular dramatic productions, which, though not required for the major, is strongly encouraged.

Drama Minor: Any student may choose to minor in the Department of Dramatic Art. Programs of study are offered that emphasize Dramaturgy, Theatrical Design, Theatrical Production, and Writing for the Stage and Screen.

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