Apply – Costume Production

How to Apply

Applicants may send the following as early as September 1st:

A Portfolio, which contains images demonstrating examples of skills related to the discipline, photos of realized productions, and any other supporting evidence of professional experience. It must include text describing the images. It may be submitted via email in PowerPoint format or a link to the applicant’s website.

A Resume, which includes work experience, education, and references. Note that no GRE score is required for admission to the costume production MFA program.

A Statement of Purpose, which consists of a 500 word explanation of the student’s educational and professional goals.

These should be sent to:

Triffin Morris
Center for Dramatic Art, #CB 3230
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27599-3230

Our program values and respects diversity in its many forms, and we welcome applicants across the spectrums of race, ethnicity, national origin, economic background, regional identification, disability, religious affiliation or spiritual affinity, political affiliation, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, and veteran status.

On review of the materials by the faculty of the costume production program, the prospective student may be invited to schedule an on-site interview. The interview will include participation in classes, conversations with current students and staff, and a portfolio presentation.

Ideally, the interview should take place before February 28th.

After the interviews, prospective students should complete an online application to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill at This application must be accompanied by three letters of recommendation and two copies of the applicant’s official undergraduate transcripts.



Offers are usually made the first week of March. All questions should be directed to Triffin Morris:

The deadline for UNC-Chapel Hill graduate school applications (transcripts, etc.) is usually in early May. Check their website for current information.

Applicants are accepted for the first year only; entrance to the second and third year classes is subject to approval of the MFA faculty.


Financial Aid

The department has a limited number of assistantships available to applicants.  Applicants seeking financial aid from the University must submit the FAFSA form to the College Scholarship Service, Princeton, NJ by March 1 for priority consideration.

Students must do everything in their power to achieve North Carolina residency after a year in the state.  Out-of-state tuition remission is not guaranteed after the first year.  Students should be prepared to complete the basic requirements for residency before the first day of class in their first year.

For more information regarding financial aid opportunities, please go to or call the Office of Financial Aid at 919-962-8396.


The graduate school’s application deadline for 2020/21 is May 11, 2021.