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Kathryn Hunter Williams

Kathryn Hunter Williams

Chair, Associate Professor, Actor Playmakers Repertory Company, Teacher of Acting, Directing, and African American Theater
CDA #224

Kathryn Hunter Williams received her B.F.A from University of North Carolina School of the Arts and her M.F.A from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. As a member of PlayMakers Repertory Company she has performed inDoubt, Romeo and Juliet, Yellowman and String of Pearls. She has also worked with Living Stage, The Negro Ensemble Company, Manhattan Class Company and New Dramatist. Kathryn is currently on the faculty of UNC Dept. of Dramatic Art and will continue exploring the ways the theater can provide insight about our differences and promote a better understanding of our community.

She is the performance director for HiddenVoices, a non-profit dedicated to bringing life changing stories into a public forum.


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