2021 - 2022 Season


Directed by Allyx Miles and Tiffany Melenzio

January 27-29, 2022


Submissions are now open for the Me Too Monologues!

MTM 2022 will continue our collaboration with North Carolina Central University and be directed by Allyx Miles and Tiffany Melenzio.

The Me Too Monologues team prioritizes your written experiences over a completely finished product at submission. Throughout this process, you will have an opportunity to collaborate with our team to develop your work.

What is Me Too Monologues

Do you have a story to tell? We want to hear it. Me Too Monologues is an annual production about identity, produced, written, and performed by members of the UNC community. The goal of this show is to open up dialogues about identity in the fullest sense, including issues of race, gender, sexuality, class, privilege, disability, mental illness, family, community and many more.  Me Too Monologues seeks demonstrate, through the collaboration of our community to create this show, that we are not alone.

What to submit

What does identity mean for you? How have any of your identities affected your life and your place at UNC? We want monologues that encompass identity in all its facets. No identity is insignificant. We want any format: anecdotes, poems, blog posts, conversations, interviews, songs, anything. We want ALL kinds of stories: happy, sad, satirical, contemplative, hilarious, furious, whatever. For length, aim for 1-1.5 pages single spaced. You are free to submit anonymously but our team is also happy to provide notes and feedback for the authors before a final version is selected for the show. This would allow you the chance to edit your piece should you feel comfortable collaborating with us.

Please copy your monologue into the form on found on the submissions page

Click to submit MeToo2022 Due October 18th.

Questions? Contact one of the producers Hannah Fatool, or Madeline Gibson

AUDITIONS October 11-12, 2021, more info coming soon.