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2021 - 2022 Season


April 21st - 25th, 2022

We begin at the poorest, filthiest urinal in town. Officer Lockstock, a policeman, enters and surveys the scene. He greets the audience. Penelope Pennywise and Bobby Strong enter, discussing the Old So-and-so who was recently carted off to Urinetown. Lockstock tells the audience that Urinetown, itself, is a mythical place that they won’t see until Act II, but Urinetown, the musical, is starting now. Little Sally enters and she and Lockstock discuss the dangers of too much exposition in a show. They then proceed to explain that there is a water shortage and public bathrooms have been replaced by private toilets. The fee to use these public bathrooms is controlled by a private company, the Urine Good Company, that keeps prices high. Since using the bushes is illegal, Little Sally counts her pennies in hopes of using the urinal (“Urinetown”).

An ingénue type named Hope enters, looking for the Urine Good Company. Bobby directs her towards the gleaming tower on a distant hill. They have a moment. Bobby’s pa, Old Man Strong, doesn’t have enough money for the fee. He begs Bobby to let him go for free. Penny, however, will have none of it. After 20 years of drought, everyone has to make sacrifices (“It’s a Privilege to Pee”). Old Man Strong can’t take it anymore and intends to use a wall to relieve himself. Lockstock and his partner, Barrel, remind him that breaking the Public Health Act is an exiling offense, and Old Man Strong is dragged off to Urinetown (“It’s a Privilege to Pee – Lockstock’s Reprise”).

The scene moves to the executive offices of the Urine Good Company. Caldwell B. Cladwell, the president of the UGC and resident villain, is in a meeting. Cladwell is convinced that new fee hikes will breeze through the legislature, while Senator Fipp thinks that there will be unrest if it does. Hope enters. It turns out that she is Cladwell’s daughter, back from university. She is also her father’s new fax/copy girl. Cladwell insists that she say a few words, so she makes a speech that praises the company. Cladwell interjects and his fellow execs praise him (“Mr. Cladwell”).

Later that evening, Officers Lockstock and Barrel run into Little Sally counting her pennies. Lockstock gives her a coin and ushers her home. When she leaves, the officers discuss being exiled to Urinetown and reminisce about other Urinetown victims (“Cop Song”). Hope enters after a long day of faxing and copying and runs into Bobby, who is still smarting from the removal of his father. Bobby is feeling cold and empty because he didn’t help his father, and Hope suggests that he listen to his heart. He doesn’t realize that he has a heart, nor does he know how to listen to it. She teaches him (“Follow Your Heart”). They say goodnight and kiss.

Lockstock and Little Sally appear, seemingly out of nowhere; she asks Lockstock if Hope loves Bobby, and Lockstock confirms that she does – he’s the hero… she has to love him. Little Sally then asks about Urinetown. Lockstock still can’t tell her but does slip and reveals there is actually no “Urinetown.” They just kill people. The two depart as the next scene begins.

The next morning, new fee hikes are announced, much to the anguish of the poor citizens. Bobby arrives at work after a long night of thinking about what happened to his father. He wonders if the law is wrong. Penny tells Bobby to get his head out of the clouds. Bobby, however, dreams of a beautiful world where everyone is free. Despite Penny’s protests, Bobby let’s everyone, including his mother, into the urinal for free (“Look to the Sky”).

In the offices of UGC, Cladwell congratulates Fipp on the passage of the new legislation. Penny enters and tells Cladwell that there is rioting at her amenity, and that Bobby Strong is letting people pee for free. Cladwell wants to crush the rebellion, but Hope suggests that her father listen to Bobby’s heart. She thinks that life should be beautiful, but Cladwell explains that life is a beating – you either beat or get beaten (“Don’t Be the Bunny”)

Back at the poorest, filthiest urinal in town, Little Sally asks Lockstock what is happening while Bobby lets the masses into the urinal. Lockstock informs her and the audience that it is the Act One finale, where Cladwell arrives to snuff out the uprising! During the hubbub, Bobby and Hope have a moment where they confront the lies and misconceptions. Cladwell then warns that Bobby’s rush for freedom will have dangerous consequences, but Bobby doesn’t care. In order to ensure their escape, the rebels kidnap Hope and run off (“Act 1 Finale”).

The second act begins with the rebels holed up in a secret hideout – identified by an indiscreet sign – where they have Hope tied up. As they anxiously await Bobby’s return, they theorize about where Urinetown actually is. Simultaneously, Cladwell and his henchman, Bobby, and Little Sally each theorize what Urinetown is with the audience. The verdict: Urinetown is your town if you’re hopeless, down and out (“What Is Urinetown?”)

Inside the hideout, the rebels wonder what to do with their hostage, Hope. They want to take out all of their anger and frustration on her and kill her (“Snuff That Girl”). Bobby appears and reminds them that the purpose of their revolution was to ensure that no man or woman could be denied their essential humanity due to the condition of their pocketbook (“Run, Freedom, Run”). Penny then arrives. She tells Bobby that Cladwell wants his amenities up and working and is willing to discuss a solution. He agrees, much to the gang’s skepticism. Hope is left with the rebels as collateral, and Bobby and Penny leave for the meeting. Before he goes, he tells Hope to look for the answer to their problems in her heart. She tries (“Follow Your Heart – Reprise”).

Later, at the offices of Urine Good Company, Cladwell meets with Bobby. He proposes an offer to Bobby: a load of cash and full amnesty to all of those involved, in exchange for an end to his rebellion and agreement of returning to the improved fee schedule. Bobby refuses the cash and tells Cladwell that all he wants is free access to the amenities for all. Bobby’s wish will not be granted, and Cladwell has him sent to Urinetown, even if it has dire consequences for Hope. Realizing how ruthless Cladwell actually is, Penny and Fipp wonder if he is worthy of the trust that they put in him (“Why Did I Listen to That Man?”). Lockstock and Barell take Bobby to the top of the UGC building roof – it turns out that “Urinetown” really is just death. Without hesitation, they hurl Bobby off the building… to his untimely death.

Back at the secret hideout, Little Sally informs the rebels that she saw Bobby being thrown off a building, and that his last words were that he loved Hope. With help from Bobby’s ghost, Little Sally tells Hope and the rebels that they must fight for what they know is right (“Tell Her I Love Her”). In a fit of rage, the rebels decide that they must kill Hope as revenge for Bobby’s death, but Penny – who turns out to be Hope’s mother – offers her life instead. Hope, in seeing Penny’s reform, realizes that, if she can change, maybe Urinetown can change. She tells the rebels that, if they kill her, they kill the rebellion. However, if they let Hope lead, they will win. The rebels agree to follow her and march towards Cladwell’s headquarters. Hope confronts her father, and he tells her that love is not as important as food, water and shelter… as well as piles and piles of cash. He is promptly taken away to Urinetown (“We’re Not Sorry”).

Hope proceeds to declare that day a brand new day, a day of hope. Lockstock reappears, acting as a narrator, to inform the audience that Hope opened up the toilets for all. They even renamed the UGC to the Bobby Strong Memorial Toilet Authority and operated for the benefit of the public. But, as originally predicted, it wasn’t long before the water disappeared all together; many died. It turns out that, despite being a tyrant, Cladwell’s methods did effectively regulate water consumption. Hope’s desire for the people’s love caused her to abandon regulation and, in the end, the people recognized their town for what it was: Urinetown (“I See a River”).

Elena Holder - Hope - (she/her)
Elena is so excited to be making her KTC debut in Urinetown! She is a freshman at UNC, majoring in music and psychology. She would like to thank her family and dorm mates for helping her prepare for this production.

Logan Kelly - Hope - (she/her)
Logan is currently a junior studying English and Music here at UNC. She graduated from Cardinal Gibbons Highschool in 2019. She has been in several shows, but a few of her favorites are: Into the Woods, 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Hairspray, and Circle Mirror Transformation. Since then, she has been involved with Cadence Acapella, Company Carolina, Pauper Players, and Carolina Film Association at UNC. This summer, she will attend Commonwealth Shakespeare Company's 2022 Apprentice Program in Boston, MA. She would like to thank KTC for the wonderful opportunity to be a part of this wonderful experience with such an electric and loving cast. She would also like to extend her gratitude to her friends and family, as they are the ones who inspire her to pursue theater.

Mark Davio - Bobby Strong - (he/him)
Mark is a super-senior who's still waiting for his powers to kick in, majoring in Drama, and utterly jubilated to be in his first large-scale musical since the Before Times. A few of his favorite prior roles are Banquo in Company Carolina's recent, drunken rendition of "MacBeth," Eugene Florczyk/Teen Angel in "Grease," and Ren McCormack in "Footloose," both with the Temple Theatre Company. When he's not acting, Mark enjoys playing the piano, learning languages, and discovering random, useless facts on the Internet. Mark would like to thank the entire cast and crew for being such lovely people, as well as his biggest supporters: his parents and baby sister. Don't forget to tip your urinal custodians!

Hannah Whittington - Little Sally - (she/her)
Hannah is a senior majoring in English and Dramatic Art with a minor in Music. She has been involved with KTC as a performer and a publicist for the last three years, and is sad her time with KTC is coming to a close but couldn't think of a better way to say goodbye than with this very fun and silly show! Previously with KTC Hannah has appeared in Trifles, Marisol, KinShip, and Anna K. Other UNC credits include The Belkin Tales, Horse Girls (LAB! Theatre Company), Mamma Mia!, A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show (UNC Pauper Players). She'd like to thank Aubrey for this opportunity, her KTC family for all the love, and Dave for all his support over the years (and for all the opening night cakes and toffee).

Carissa Wadsack-Stewart - Little Sally - (she/her)
Carissa Wadsack-Stewart is a sophomore majoring in psychology and dramatic art. Previous roles include the Cowardly Lion in "The Wizard of Oz," Dotty Otley in "Noises Off," Mrs. Peacock in "Clue," and Marianne Dashwood in "Sense and Sensibility." She is excited to be in her fourth production with KTC and wants to thank each person who has supported her through all her endeavors!

Laney Dowell - Little Becky Two Shoes - (she/her)
Laney Dowell, 21, is a Junior at UNC Chapel Hill studying Vocal Performance and Psychology. She was last seen making balloon animals on stage as Marcy Park in the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. She wants to thank the cast and crew of Urinetown for their continued support, and she can’t wait for Little Becky to give you nightmares for the next week.

Dalia Marquez - Hot Blades Harry - (she/her)
I'm a second-year music and psychology double major hoping to pursue music therapy! In my free time I like to sing, play guitar, take walks, and cook. The only other musical I've been in is Hairspray so I'm super excited about this experience.

Julia Dow - Soupy Sue - (she/her)
Julia is a double major in Psychology and Human Development and Family Studies! She is also a member of Alpha Chi Omega, and an on-campus acapella group, Tar Heel Voices. Julia has been performing all her life and is super excited to share this show with all of you! It's a GDTBATH!!!!

Arjun Guidroz - Caldwell B. Cladwell - (he/him)
Arjun is a senior, majoring in Classics and about to attend graduate school for Urban Planning at UW in the fall. He is grateful and excited to perform in Urinetown, both his first and final show at UNC. He would like to thank everyone who has contributed, directly and indirectly, to make the show possible.

Lucy Smithwick - Barrel - (she/her)
Lucy is a sophomore at UNC who has stuck through with theatre as well as she can through COVID. This is her second show with KTC, but first musical at UNC. She is on the executive board of KTC and Company Carolina (both publicity and design), and has done many prod staff positions with Pauper Players (most notable being music director). She's double majoring in theatre and journalism, and has no idea where that will take her, but is along for the ride. She can often be found knitting sweaters or worms on strings (and will gladly make you one) and making too many bad puns.

Ben Ketchum - Mr. McQueen - (he/him)
Ben is a junior from Jacksonville, Florida, majoring in both Dramatic Arts and Economics with a minor in the Writing for the Screen and Stage program. Ben was in KTC’s production of Anna K last semester and is super happy to be back working on Urinetown. Apart from theatre, he also works with the Carolina Film Association and UNC’s Student Television station. He can often be found around the CDA reciting comic book movie quotes and complaining about his Jacksonville Jaguars.

Lucy Hill - Josephine - (she/her)
Lucy is a senior majoring in Computer Science and Womens and Gender Studies. She has loved performing since elementary school and is excited for everyone to see the show!

Cameron Davis - Tiny Tom - (he/him)
Cameron (Cam) Davis is a first-year student double majoring in Biochemistry and Classical Vocal Performance on a pre-medicine track. He wants to be a Laryngologist specializing in vocal disorders and injuries. He has been playing the violin since he was 11 and singing his whole life. He is part of the Tar Heel Voices, one of the acapella groups on campus. Although this is his first musical, he placed first in his room for musical theatre NATS (states), second in his room for classical NATS (states), and won first overall in Military Kid's Got Talent.

Hunter Pierson - Senator Fipp - (he/him)
Sophomore music major in my second show. Shout-outs to our incredible cast and crew and to all friends and family who've supported me throughout this process.

Benjamin Tarlton - Officer Lockstock/Fight Captain - (he/him)
Benjamin Tarlton is thrilled to be making his KTC debut! Benjamin is a junior at UNC and has been performing locally in North Carolina since 2015, having appeared in such shows as Bare Theatre's, "Henry VI: The Wars of the Roses", as Edward, Seed Art Share's, "The Miracle Worker", as James Keller, Raleigh Little Theatre's "Measure for Measure" as Lucio , and "Into The Woods" as Jack, with McGregor Hall. Benjamin is a certified Actor Combatant with the Society of American Fight Directors, having trained under Jeff A.R. Jones, and last semester he made his Playmakers debut in, "As You Like It", as Charles the Wrestler.

Franklin Kennedy - Old Man Strong/Billy Boy Bill/UGC Executive - (he/him)
Franklin Kennedy (Old Man Strong/Billy Boy Bill/UGC Executive) is thrilled to be in his first (performed) musical! Even though he is currently a Biology major, he is scratching his performing itch through this production and his a cappella group, Tar Heel Voices (whose spring concert is April 22!). He would like to especially thank the cast and crew of Urinetown for their dedication and support that have made this show what it is. Love to Mom, Dad, Claire, Catherine, and Toby.

Olivia Kesler - Ensemble/Mrs Millennium - (she/her)
Olivia Kesler is a sophomore Biology/Music major here at UNC. This is her first show with KTC and her first college show. In high school, she was in musicals such as Bright Star, Freaky Friday, Mary Poppins, and White Christmas, along with a few straight plays. She hopes you've brought enough money for your bathroom break and that you enjoy the show!

Ryan Merritt - Ensemble - (he/him)
Ryan Merritt is a senior biology major with minors in chemistry and music here at UNC. He is currently working as an undergraduate researcher in a biology lab and is a volunteer EMT serving Chapel Hill and wider Orange County. Ryan has been involved with musical performance most of his life, and enjoys the opportunity to share his love of music whenever he can. Ryan would like to thank his parents and friends for their support of his musical and academic endeavors here at UNC, as well as Tommy Bastable for getting him involved in this show, Urinetown. Ryan will be staying at Carolina to pursue a PhD in quantitative biology next year and looks forward to the opportunities that experience will bring.

Coco Chang - Band (Clarinet) - (she/her)
Coco, M.S. in Biostatistics, played the clarinet in UNC Wind Ensemble and performed a piano concerto in one concert during her Freshman year. She enjoys playing music and is thrilled to present the musical with the band and cast.

Maddie Anthony - Band (Clarinet) - (she/her)
Maddie has been playing bass clarinet for 8 years and has played for musicals such as A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Seusical, and Little Shop of Horrors. This is her first performance with Kenan Theatre Company.

Nita Prabhu - Band (Saxophone) - (she/her)
Nita is a junior undergraduate student in the biomedical engineering program. She has been playing the saxophone for 10 years and has been a member of the UNC Wind Ensemble since 2019. She performed in the pit ensemble for Beauty and the Beast during her senior year of high school and is so excited to have the opportunity to participate in a musical again in college!

Jordan Clodfelter - KTC Technical Director - (she/her)
Jordan Clodfelter is thrilled to be a part of her third production as the Technical Director for Kenan Theatre Company! She recently graduated from Meredith College with her BA in Theatre. Some of her most recent credits include KTC’s productions of kemps and Anna K, as well as serving as the assistant scenic painter for Temple Theater’s production of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. She would love to give a shout out to her friends, family and Austin for all of their love and support, as well as her work study students for all of their hard work.

Kathryn Robinson - Assistant Stage Manager (she/her)
Kathryn is a first year Communication and Neuroscience double major with a minor in Theatre Production. This is Kathryn’s second show with KTC, her first being “Anna K”. She has had a great time working on this fun show and would like to thank everyone in the cast and crew for the wonderful experience. She looks forward to doing more shows with KTC!

Dominique Neumann - Producer - (she/her)
Dominique is a Dramatic Arts and Communication Studies who has always been active in theatre. She has recently become more interested in the production and directing aspects involved in theater, and more so film - an area in which she wishes to pursue after her college career. She dedicates her past, present and future work and achievements to her family and friends, especially her parents, whom never fail to support and encourage her.

Kira Cornell - Fight Director - (she/they)
Kira is a first-year Dramatic Art and History double major, with a concentration in medieval studies. She is a certified actor combatant with the Society of American Fight Directors, and has attended two national workshops. This is her first choreo gig at UNC, but has assisted on other shows such as "The Pirate Show." When not in the theatre you'll find her roaming the local music scene!

Biz Hillenbrand - Sound Designer - (she/her)
Biz is a junior at UNC majoring in Dramatic Arts and Advertising/Public Relations. Previous credits with KTC include Rachel in kemps, and she was also the costume designer for Anna K. This is Biz's first time sound designing for KTC, and she would like to thank Rod Oden and David Navalinsky for teaching her how to use the very confusing sound board.

Kim Rivera - Costume Designer - (she/her)
Kim Rivera is a sophomore working on her very first musical for costumes in college! She wants to thank Dave and the rest of the design team for being amazing! Enjoy the show!

Cori LaVergne - Set Designer - (she/they)
Cori is a junior Dramatic Art and Anthropology double major and a Folklore minor. This is Cori's third set design for Kenan Theatre Company, the first being "Indeed, Friend!" in 2020 and the second being "Anna K" in 2021. Cori is also the Scenic Painter for Kenan Theatre Company, and she absolutely loves being able to paint her own designs.

Bronwyn White - Lighting Designer - (she/her)
Bronwyn is a Sophomore Dramatic Art Major from Asheville, North Carolina who is interested in pursuing stage lighting after graduation and Urinetown is her second production with KTC. She would like to thank Elizabeth Redding, Maddie Anthony, Dave Navalinsky for their help in making her ideas come to life, Lara Madrid and Madelyn Honey for being awesome board and spotlight operators and the entire cast and crew for the hard work they have put into this show.

Maddie Anthony - Assistant Master Electrician - (she/her)
Maddie is a junior music major, education minor, and theatrical production minor. This is Maddie’s first time working with the lighting team at Kenan Music Theatre.