Musical Theatre Minor

The minor in musical theatre performance, a joint program in the Department of Music and the Department of Dramatic Art, provides students with opportunities to improve their abilities in musical theatre performance. The minor has three components including acting literacy, music literacy, and movement literacy.

Required Course:

DRAM/MUSC 151 Introduction to the American Stage Musical 


At least 4 hours: 

DRAM 135 Acting for the non-majors 

DRAM 140 Voice Training I

DRAM 144 Acting the song 


At least 4 hours: 

PHYA 208 beginning ballet 

PHYA 212 introduction to dance technique 

PHYA 224 beginning of modern dance 

PHYA 308 intermediate ballet 

PHYA 324 intermediate modern dance 

PHYA 408 advanced ballet 


DRAM 154 performer’s awareness

DRAM 155 movement for the actor 


The remaining 4 hours can come from either list 


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