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Brian Meredith

Brian Meredith is the Supervisor of the Performing Arts division at the Natural History Museum of LA County and the Page Museum at the La Brea Tar Pits. He and his team perform regularly with life-sized juvenile T. rex and Triceratops puppets made by an Australian company called ERTH, and a full-sized adult Saber-toothed Cat, made by the Jim Henson Creature shop, as well as with shadow puppets, a marionette and the occasional stilt walking butterfly (though Brian’s days performing as a beautiful Monarch appear to be over). Brian has also been out to the field several times with the Museum’s Dinosaur Institute, excavating long necked dinosaurs in Utah. Because of the Performing Arts Program, the Natural History Museum was recently awarded a grant by the City of LA Department of Cultural Affairs, and the program and its puppets have been featured in American Theater magazine, photographed for National Geographic’s “Reviving Extinct Species” issue, appeared three times on Hallmark’s nationally syndicated Home and Family show, and wrecked havoc locally on Good Day LA. All of this is, of course, a team effort and Brian is thrilled to be a part of such a team, and grateful to UNC’s Professional Actor Training Program forteaching him the various and unexpected skills needed for his job.


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