Drew Cameron explains to the class how the Holland Beater creates the pulp to make the paper. John Vollmer, Eddie Gilman, Johnathon Sugg, and Yesel Trillo-ordonez look on.

On January 29, students in the First Year Seminar class The Psychology of Clothing participated in The Combat Paper Workshop here on UNC’s campus.  The workshop, lead by Drew Cameron, creates art by making paper from the uniforms of military personnel worn in service.  The uniforms are cut up, beaten into a pulp, made into paper, and then printed on.  The project aims to allow those who served an opportunity express their experiences in the military and foster conversations with the community about the deep memory that clothing can hold for an individual and a culture.



The silkscreen is lifted to reveal the design on the paper created from military uniforms.



Drew Cameron demonstrates to Halle Frain, Cassandra Vasquez, and Yesel Trillo-ordonez how to use a mould and deckle to shape the pulp into a sheet of paper.