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Gage Tarlton and THE COOP

August 22, 2019

This past June, Dramatic Arts senior and playwright Gage Tarlton joined the Youth Advisory Council for the new off-Broadway theatre company, The COOP.

The COOP’s mission is to create a community of artists based in New York City that utilize both contemporary and classic performances which are resonant, universal, honest, and reimagined.  They focus on healthy communities, inclusion, collaboration, innovation, and excellence. Founded by the award-winning actor Andrus Nichols and playwright Kate Hamill, the company emphasizes the importance of collaboration on every level such that every artist has a voice.

Tarlton’s interest in The COOP began during development of his play “sons that wear dresses and mothers that love sweet potatoes,” which were developed with PlayMakers as part of the Making Tracks series in June 2019 and with the Kennedy Center in August 2019. Through this development, Tarlton met a DC-based actor who introduced him to The COOP. As part of their selective interviewing process, Tarlton submitted a full-length play, a resume, and participated in an hour long interview before being selected.

Through help from the Department of Dramatic Art, Tarlton has the ability to further his education and experience in the New York community during his Undergraduate career. As part of this council, Tarlton will meet with the Youth Advisory Council and work in conversation with the Artistic Advisory Board and provide input on season programming, marketing strategies, and audience engagement. The Youth Advisory Council is crucial in fostering an evolving theatre that will encourage the next generation of artistic leaders.

Congratulations Gage Tarlton!

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