KTC Board

The Kenan Theatre Board is comprised of a group of undergraduates who are dedicated to the implementation of our season. Members of our board are made up of students involved in all areas of the company. The board, led by the Director of Undergraduate Production, oversees each show and project to make sure that the artistic, technical, and production elements come together to create a polished project the department and students can be proud of. Board members are selected the spring semester prior to the appointment year. Any questions for the board or about the application process should be directed to the Director of Undergraduate Production.


Administrative Staff

Madeline Gibson – Producing Director
Johnathan Melton– Producing Director
Dominique Neumann– Producing Director
Anna Dou– Producing Director
Madeline Agner– Producing Director
Tiffany Melenzio– Producing Director
Katie Stevens– Producing Director
Kathryn Robinson– Producing Director
Isabelle Hillenbrand– Producing Director

Lucy Smithwick– Publicity

Julia Finke– Publicity

Liddy Wade-Publicity

Production Staff

Elizabeth Redding – Master Electrician
Kim Rivera – Wardrobe Supervisor
Cori LaVergne – Scenic Artist
Emily Sallade – Prop Master