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Drama Majors

What does a major in Dramatic Art involve?

The Department of Dramatic Art (DDA) gives its majors a broad understanding and appreciation of theatre on artistic and cultural levels. In the classroom, students study the history of theater and develop skills in performance and production. Students are also given the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular dramatic productions. Students are involved in every aspect of departmental shows, from acting and directing to design, scenic construction, and run crew.

Do I have to audition?

No, auditions are not required, but we’d love to have you visit with us. Depending on the month, you can see a class, talk to professors and students, and even see a production. Please call (919) 962-1132 to make arrangements.

Do I have to participate in extra-curricular productions?

Participation in such productions takes time, energy, and dedication. It is not required, but it is strongly encouraged, as it brings to the student’s education a level of practical experience not available to most undergraduates.

What will I be able to do with a B.A. in Dramatic Art?

The DDA is, of course, particularly suited to those pursuing future professional or academic careers in theatre. However, the Dramatic Art major also provides an excellent background for work in related fields such as teaching, advertising, journalism, public relations, communications, arts management, business, and arts institutions.

What is required for a B.A. in Dramatic Art? *As of Spring 2021

A. DRAM 120 Play Analysis (3 credits). First course in the major.

B. Three Courses (9 credits) in Dramatic Literature / Theatre History / Criticism.

DRAM 220 – Theatre Histories (3 credits). 

Note: this course is the pre-requisite for the remainder of the Dramatic Literature / Theatre History / Criticism courses. 


Two courses (6 credits) chosen from the following:

  • DRAM 281 Theatre History and Literature I
  • DRAM 282 Theatre History and Literature II
  • DRAM 283 Theatre History and Literature III
  • DRAM 284 Studies in Dramatic Theory and Criticism
  • DRAM 285 Modern British Drama
  • DRAM 287 African-American Theatre
  • DRAM 288 Theatre for Social Change
  • DRAM 289 Contemporary Irish Drama
  • DRAM 292 “Corner of the Sky”: The American Musical
  • DRAM 294 Arts Criticism
  • DRAM 486 Latin American Theater
  • DRAM 488 U.S. Latino/a/x Theatre and Performance
  • AAAD 334 Performing African American History 
  • AAAD 344 African American Theatre: Exploring Legacy and Contemporary Voices 
  • ASIA 163 Hindi-Urdu Poetry in Performance 
  • ASIA 332 The Story of Rama in India
  • ASIA 382 The Story of Rama in Indian Culture—Experientia 
  • ASIA 383 The Mahabharata: Remembered and Reimagined–Experiential 
  • CHIN 361 Chinese Traditional Theater

C. Three courses (9 credits), Artistic Practice

  • DRAM 150 Beginning Acting for Majors
  • DRAM 277 Introduction to Theatrical Design
  • DRAM 300 Directing

D. Production

  • DRAM 193 Production Practicum (3 credits)

Costume Production or Technical Production. One course (3 Credits) must be chosen from:

  • DRAM 191 Technical Methods: Scenery
  • DRAM 192 Technical Methods: Costume

Transition Plan

Students beginning the major in the fall of 2021 will follow this new major curriculum and will be advised on various possible paths to its completion through website information, advising through CTOPS, General Education advisors in Steele Building, and through departmental advising, both formal and informal. Current majors who wish to adopt this structure, and who have the time and capacity to do so, can receive permission.

For those interested in funding development and/or travel in theatre arts, Department grants are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Email Kathy Williams for more information.