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2023-2024 Season

The Seagull

February 22nd - 26th, 2024

Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull was an astounding achievement when it premiered in Moscow in 1898, directed by 35-year-old Konstantin Stanislavski for the fledgling Moscow Art Theatre. The nuance and sublimity of the play enabled something new, a paradigm shift in directing and production that was the prototype of modern theatrical staging.

The first of his four great plays, Chekhov combined the sparkling, variegated surface of naturalist dialogue and activity with the moving currents of complex character and motivation, and he added to that a depth of theme and meaning underlying it all. Early audiences marveled, like the play’s characters do at the mysterious lake before them.

The Seagull is filled with such life, such glimmering intelligence… and stupidity. Chekhov’s characters feel alive, responsive, and surprisingly spontaneous. Everyone’s in love, but always with someone they can’t have or can’t keep. Thematically, it’s a study of the arts and the artist, the lack of real satisfaction to be found there, the pretense and mediocrity that pervade the practice, and yet the power and mystery that are possible. The Seagull stands historically, legendarily, as a realization of that possibility.

Arkadina – Olivian Ingledue (she/they)

Olivian is a junior Dramatic Arts major who has been dreaming of playing Arkadina since she first read The Seagull in high school. She's been acting for as long as she can remember and delights in nothing more. When she's off the stage, she can often be found dancing, strumming a guitar, or working on a new sewing project.

Arkadina – Erica Bass (she/her)

Erica is so thrilled to be acting in her 5th KTC show! To prepare for this role, she began a profound introspection into her own mortality and her relationship with motherhood, which in turn led to a deep existential spiral of which she is still working to navigate. Many thanks to her fearless leader, Mark Perry, for the last 7 months of… actually, she has no idea how to describe the last 7 months, she just knows she loved it!

Konstantine – Ryan Dugan (he/him)

He's excited to be in his fourth UNC Drama department production and is looking forward to doing more in the future. One of the four horsemen of the Skinny Man Apocalypse.

Konstantine – Thompson Sewell (he/him)

Thompson is a senior Dramatic Art Major with a minor in Global Cinema Studies, graduating in May, with post-grad plans to move out to LA and pursue a career in the film industry as an actor and/or filmmaker. In his time at UNC he has been in several theater productions with KTC and Company Carolina, as well as several short films through the Carolina Film Association. He is extremely excited to perform such a refreshingly innovative “new form” of Chekhov’s classic, alongside such an incredibly talented cast, crew, and, of course, under the brilliant director that is, Mark Perry.

Sorin – Carissa Wadsack-Stewart (she/her)

Carissa is a senior majoring in psychology and dramatic art with a minor in neuroscience. This is her sixth show with KTC. She is so excited to be the best uncle ever and hopes that Sorin reminds you of your jocular grandpa.

Nina – Ali Patalano (they/she)

Ali Patalano is a first-year dramatic arts major at UNC Chapel Hill, and this is their second show with KTC. Some of their favorite productions they have worked on include Men on Boats, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and As You Like It. Ali is incredibly grateful to be a part of this production as it’s been a uniquely wonderful experience, and The Seagull has been a dream show of hers for 4 years.

Nina – Talyah Rawls (she/her)

Talyah is delighted, nay, elated to be in her LAST production with KTC. She is beyond grateful to her cast and crew [and, for legal reasons, Dave Navalinsky] for creating this world of abundance with her for the past six months. Talyah owes so much to her faith, to her ever-supportive parents, and to KTC’s productions for giving her the ability to uplift others’ voices through monologues, shine in 1920's Paris, compete in NATIONALS in Tampa Bay, Florida (Gandhi!!!), and now, share the love and loss of characters whose angels were with them all along.

Shamraev – Maddie Cashen (she/her)

Maddie is excited to be on the KTC stage for the first time! Backstage at KTC, she produced Men on Boats and stage managed The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. Much love to family and friends.

Paulina – Irene Denniston (she/her)

Irene Denniston is a junior Dramatic Art major at UNC. In the past year she has performed in student theatre and film, including Jack in “Lord of the Flies” and Lilly in “Moth”, but her first show here as a freshman was with KTC in “Anna K”. She has been part of the Seagull process since Mark Perry’s fall class and has treasured working with this lovely cast and crew!

Masha – Julia Finke (she/her)

This is Julia’s LAST EVER theatre performance at UNC 🙁 Previous credits include Men on Boats, Spring Awakening, kemps, & Anna K (KTC), Cabaret & Escaped Alone (Company Carolina), & Laundry (LAB! Theatre). She also serves on the board for LAB! (Production Manager of Events) & KTC (Publicity), and is a proud member of False Profits. She would like to thank Mark, Dave, Tracy, Jeff, her family, and her wonderfully supportive friends onstage and off. Although she will miss everyone in the CDA, she is grateful she will soon never have to step foot in the hallway bathroom ever again. RIP Chekhov.

Masha – Jazzy Parker (she/her)

Junior with a love for brunch.

Trigorin – Kieran Murphy (he/they)

Kieran Murphy is an actor, voice actor, poet, video game environment artist and possible vampire from Mebane, North Carolina. He is excited to be doing this show through the lens of care, community and both the burden and joy of creating art. They hope you enjoy the show (and the tea and cookies)!

Trigorin – Andrew Wade (he/him)

Andrew is a senior Dramatic Arts major who is thrilled to participate in his 2nd out of 3 KTC shows this season. He loves his Squishmallow named Stephen, putting too much sugar in already heavily caffeinated tea, and Billy Bouncing.

Dorn – Alice McCracken Knight

Alice (c/o 2024) is overjoyed to make their in-person KTC debut (other performances include Marisol and Craigslisted on Zoom). During their time at UNC, Alice has also worked with LAB! (A Dawn Chorus, Eden, Fear of Buildings, Laundry), Company Carolina (Escaped Alone), and PlayMakers (Misery). Alice loves to write poetry/prose, sing jazz, and eat oranges. Special thanks to Mark, Jeff, Aubrey and my parents, Susan and Oscar.

Medvedyenko – Kira Cornell (she/they)

Kira is currently a junior at UNC studying Theater and History. She is a certified Advanced Actor Combatant with the SAFD, and thoroughly enjoys choreographing and teaching stage combat. On her days off, she works with horses at a local barn!

Ensemble (Yepikhodov) – Chayton Fair

This is Chayton's first performance with KTC. They're very excited to have been given the opportunity to participate in this production.

Ensemble (nanny) – Sophia Hunt (she/her)

Sophia is thrilled to be a part of this iconic Chekhov play after having studied his work over the course of the past couple of months. She has greatly enjoyed working with the amazing cast and crew of The Seagull and, of course, director Mark Perry. She hopes this production can speak to you in ways it has spoken to her.

Ensemble (Yakov) – Aryan Kale (he/him)

Aryan is a freshman who likes seagulls 🙂

Ensemble (maid) – Dana Lee (she/her)

Dana is a first-year dramatic art and astronomy double major. She is very excited and thankful for the opportunity to perform in her first KTC production.

Ensemble (cook) – Malia Tucker (she/they)

Malia is a Dramatic Arts Major and freshman at UNC and this will be her first production in college! Though she has only been doing theater for a few years, she is currently being trained in acting and voice by the drama and music departments here at UNC.

Stage Manager – MB Connolley (they/them)

MB Connolley is a sophomore art history major and fellow Chekhov enthusiast. They previously worked on Spring Awakening with KTC and are delighted to be working with this lovely cast and crew.

Assistant Stage Manager – Kate Mary Crehan (she/her)

Kate is an international exchange student from University of Galway in Ireland. She is delighted to be participating in this Kenan Theatre Company production of the Seagull.

Assistant Stage Manager – Alex Woo (he/him)

Alex is a first-year student, and The Seagull marks his third production with KTC. Previously, he worked as a props supervisor for the fall season plays. Sending big love to the Seagull family and all the artists in the world🦤

Producer – Swetha Anand (she/her)

Swetha is a first year double majoring in Psychology and Dramatic Art and is thrilled to be producing her first show with KTC! She was previously seen as Andrew Hall in Men on Boats (KTC) and will be performing in Heathers later this semester (Company Carolina).

Producer – Megan Cvijanovich (she/they)

Megan is a dramatic art and psychology double major with a passion for books! This is her third production with KTC so far and their first time working as a producer. They would like to thank everyone for all their hard work and dedication in putting this show together.

Intimacy Choreographer – Sanjana Taskar (she/her)

Sanjana is a 3rd year MFA Actor and is a current company member of PlayMakers Repertory. Recent intimacy choreography credits include "Othello" at Scranton Shakespeare Festival and an upcoming project will be at "Heathers" at Company Carolina. In March, she will begin rehearsals for world premiere of PRC's "The Game"

Set Designer – Glorianna Tarlton (she/her)

Long overdue for graduation, Glorianna is finally entering her senior year in the Department of Dramatic Art to pursue anything other than the acting part. She loves to sleep, but her passion for set painting and designing prevents her from maintaining her sanity. It is her excitement to see the actors thrive on stage that really makes her job as a set designer and painter really worth the labor.

Assistant Set Designer – Loxley Wayland (she/they)

A silly little bean. Fueled purely on boba tea and soft plushies.

Assistant Set Designer – Jayden Peszko (he/him)

Jayden is a freshman drama major who is happy to be helping out on The Seagull production. He hopes you enjoy the show!

Sound Designer – Madi Ugan (they/them)

Madi is a senior majoring in Psychology and Dramatic Arts who is honored to make their debut as a sound designer with KTC. They’ve previously held various directing, stage management, and design roles with LAB! Theatre, Pauper Players, and PATP’s Ground Floor. They're grateful for the opportunity to be involved in such a memorable artistic process with this talented cast and production team.

Sound Board Operator – Everson Moran

Everson Moran is a Senior at Carolina studying Political Science at Carolina. He has a love for theatre and music and has joined the crew in his last semester to be a part of this wonderful production.

Lighting Designer – Simba Mauridi

This is Simba's first KTC production as a lighting designer, although he has worked on the sets for many of the productions this season as a work study. He is excited to be involved to be in this show and he would like to thank the cast and crew for making this an amazing experience. He would also like to thank Quinn Vanischak for all her help.

Assistant Lighting Designer – Varleine Coq (she/her)

Varleine is so excited to be involved in her very first KTC production as an assistant lighting designer! Varleine is a first-year Pre-Business major at Carolina, and she enjoys spending time with her loved ones. She would like to thank her friends and family for always supporting her in all her endeavors.

Light Board Operator – Meilin Gregg (she/her)

Meilin is a math and computer science major. She is very excited to be trying something new and to work on her first show!

Projection Designer – Xiuping (he/him)

Xiuping is a drama major senior.

Projections Operator – Melanie Moo (she/her)

Melanie is an English and Comparative Literature major in her senior year. This is her first show, but she is very excited to learn alongside the Kenan Theatre Company!

Costume Designer – Madeline Gibson (she/her)

Madeline Gibson is a senior dramatic art and communication studies double major. She has designed shows for all of the student groups including Cabaret, Little Women, Alice By Heart, among others. However, this is her first time costume designing a KTC show and she is beyond excited to help tell this story through wardrobe!

Costume Crew – Alyssa Hancock (she/her)

Alyssa is a second-year undergraduate student majoring in Dramatic Arts and HDFS. She has a passion for costume design and hopes to become a drama teacher after graduation.

Props Master – Katie DuHaime (she/her)

Katie has always adored the arts and every aspect of them. It was a great pleasure to work on this beautiful show.

Engagement Dramaturg – Anna Rui Dou (she/her)

Anna is a senior majoring in dramatic arts and sociology. Her past credits with KTC include Exit, Pursued by A Bear and Spring Awakening as a producer. Wish everyone watching this show can be as happy as a seagull with french fries.