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2020 - 2021 Season


By José Rivera
Directed by Jacqueline E. Lawton
September 4-5, 2020

Marisol follows 26-year-old Marisol Perez after she experiences a vicious attack by a golf-club wielding madman while traveling home on the subway. That same evening, Marisol is visited by her guardian angel. Marisol learns that the angel can no longer serve as her protector because she has been called to join the ongoing revolution against a dying God. The heavenly war spills over into New York City, reducing it to a smoldering urban wasteland where smoke darkens the skies and the moon hasn’t been seen in months. With the apocalypse well under way, the angels have traded in their wings for Uzis and wear leather motorcycle jackets and fatigues. As the action builds to a crescendo, the masses of homeless and displaced individuals join the angels in the war to save the universe.

Marisol: Katia Carmichael
Angel: Aubree Dixon
Lenny/Voice 3: Andrew Linden
June/Voice 2: Hannah Whittington
Golf Club/Ice Cream/Scar Tissue: Anish Pinnamaraju
Woman in Fur/Homeless Woman/Voice 1: Alice McKraken Knight
Subway Announcer/Radio Voice/Stage Directions: Sam Henry

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